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Video Mirroring for iOS 4 Apps

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Project the video of your iPhone app to thousands of adoring fans! This is an iOS 4.0 rewrite of the TVOut code described here: I wrote the original code so members of our local iPhone Developer’s Meetup could show our apps to each other. Since then it’s been used by hundreds of developers. It’s proven invaluable for group demos, trade shows, client meetings, investor pitches, and so on. Sadly, iOS 4.0 completely broke the old code, so a rewrite was necessary. Happily iOS 4 makes previously difficult things fairly easy. A bonus: this code is now entirely safe for the App Store.

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WUNC App is in the App Store!

The app we built for our local public radio station WUNC has finally emerged from the review process and is available, for free, from the App Store. The app plays the station’s live audio stream. You can pause the stream, too, and the app will buffer the stream playback, so you can pick up where [...]

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iPhone App Video Mirroring in Three Easy Steps

I got an email that said: Hi I am a complete newbie to Xcode and programing in Cocoa and I was wondering if I cout get some help or a brief tutorial on implementing the UIApplication+TVOut.m in a small project and I am trying to build please any and all help would greatly be appreciated [...]

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App Store Rank for Many Apps

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If you have more than a few apps in the App Store, keeping track of the rank of your apps can become a chore. Currently there are 21 apps in the store that I’ve developed, and for marketing (and, sure, ego) reasons I’d like to know how they are doing. But not at the expense of a lot of time.

The goal here was to have a single, flexible script to handle all of the possible app ranking cases. And specifically, I wanted a script I could call from AppleScript, which would place the results into a spreadsheet, without lots of text parsing in AppleScript (because text parsing is tedious in AppleScript, although to be fair, everything is tedious in AppleScript.)

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iPhone App Video Mirroring

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How can you show your app to a large group? What if you want to show an app to a client, an investor, or at a trade show? Extensive Googling reveals lots of people asking the question, but no good answer.

I’m the organizer of the Raleigh iPhone Developer’s Meetup and it’s basically impossible for our group’s members to demo their apps. The “crowd people around a phone” method breaks at around four people. And our last meetup had 20 people!

Why can’t we be like Steve, using our apps on our phone, with the display projected for all to see?

iPhone app displaying its output on a TV

I have a solution, if you’re willing to make a special build of your app that’s not meant for the app store. No jailbreaking required! Although a willingness to use private methods is.

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